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    Business philosophy: adhere to integrity and pursue excellence
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    Quality service speed innovation excellent business philosophy

    Create brilliance hand in hand with users!

    Wenzhou Tianxing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional 12 years engaged in pharmaceutical equipment, food equipment processing and manufacturing. Main products: plant essential oil extraction equipment, Chinese medicine extraction tank, vacuum concentrator, biological fermentation, alcohol recovery, ingredient mixing system, non-standard container, large and small infusion, injection complete equipment and other products. The equipment is practical and beautiful, with unique structure, high efficiency and energy saving, ......
    • Consulting service

      Our company's telephone service is 365 days a year. If you have problems in use, please call +86-13676540493 for help,Our engineers will provide you with telephone support

    • online service

      We provide you with more convenient and complete online services, You can email to ask our professional for technical support free of charge

    • Extended services

      We have put forward the service concept of "tailor-made" according to the actual needs of customers. You can put forward specific requirements and we will design your own solution accordingly

    • Service supervision

      We will take the initiative to visit our customers and understand your opinions in a timely manner, quickly change the shortcomings of the service, and set up a dedicated service supervision telephone and mailbox.


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    +86-13676540493 +86-577-88687763